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OMICRON NanoTechnology is the premier supplier of UHV instruments for nanoscience-related research. We invite you to visit our display highlighting the ESCA+, NanoESCA and NanoSAM surface science systems. We'll also have availabe the latest results from the next generation Low Temperature (down to 4K) Atomic Force Microscope with enhanced LHe hold time. The Variable Temperature AFM/STM is now available with a non-optical force sensor. From thin film development to characterization, Omicron can help.

Tel: 952-345 5240
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SPECS is a German manufacturer of cutting-edge components and systems for surface analysis, based on ion and electron spectroscopic methods like XPS, UPS, AES, SIMS, SNMS, LEED, HREELS and STM. Combining spectroscopic and microscopic options the LEEM-instrument produced by SPECS offers the highest resolution currently available on the global market. In order to integrate thin film preparation all customized SPECS systems are compatible with MBE systems and components of the manufacturer VTS-Createc.

Tel: +49 30 46 78 24 0

HORIBA Jobin Yvon is a leading manufacturer of spectroscopic ellipsometers dedicated to thin film measurements and optical constants characterization. Our new Auto SE ellipsometer includes an exhaustive list of standard features such as: automatic sample height adjustment, 200 mm X-Y mapping stage, 25 µm x 60 µm spot size and a color vision camera for sample visualization. In one push of a button and less than one second, the Auto SE analyzes accurately your thin film stacks.


attocube systems, a German company located in Munich, manufactures and provides ultra-high precision spatial positioning systems and complete probing tools, such as scanning probe microscopes. Their systems are particularly suitable for extreme environmental conditions such as cryogenic temperatures, high magnetic fields and ultra-high vacuum environments and have enabled pioneering investigations and developments in both, science and industry. The revolutionary concepts of attocube systems’ products have opened new markets in the areas of semiconductor industry, biotechnology, material science, medicine, chemistry as well as the aerospace industry.

Tel: +49 89 2877 809-0
Fax: +49 89 2877 809-19
Email: info@attocube.com

Since 1962 Nor-Cal Products has manufactured high and ultra-high vacuum components for semiconductor, compound semiconductor, thin film, surface analysis, and various research applications. Nor-Cal has earned a reputation worldwide for quality components and is ISO 9000-2001 registered.

Our custom vacuum chambers are unequalled in performance and appearance. In-house electropolishing and special materials are available.  Entire systems can be supplied complete with sample transfer and manipulation devices, stand, pumps, gauges and deposition monitors. 

Standard components include flanges, fittings, viewports, feedthroughs and flexhose; isolation and pressure control valves; thermal products; molecular sieve, particulate and cold traps; thin film components; pressure gauges and manipulators.

Tel: 800-824-4166
Fax: 530-842-9130

The new VG Scienta is the world’s premiere supplier of vacuum components, surface analysis instruments, and UHV systems to industry, R&D firms, and the scientific community.  VG Scienta remains at the cutting edge of science with over 30 years experience in HV and UHV technology.

Exciting new products include:

  • “ARTOF”  angle resolved time-of flight instrument
  • “SMARTset “  integrated components for analysis
  • “IOTA” 100 – 300 amu RGA system
  • ZIGC3 “Dual” ion gauge controller

Tel: 925-249-0204
Fax: 925-249-1024
O/E: 800-482-2485

RBD Instruments (formerly RBD Enterprises) began operations servicing older PHI systems and components. Our company has become the world-wide leader in developing upgrade products for older PHI systems. Our 147 PC upgrade product line supports older PHI systems and provides improved reliability and a user friendly and intuitive software interface. In January 2008, we changed our name to match our expanded mission to bring innovative and affordable products to the surface analysis community. We currently have a 2 kV Backfill Ion Source available and are working on other products to be released later this year. If you are interested in knowing what RBD will be releasing in the future, go to our website and open up the New Product Development Page.

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Alcatel Vacuum Products, Inc. manufactures a complete range of Adixen™ brand products including dry vacuum pumps and dry pumping systems, rotary vane pumps, ceramic bearing turbomolecular pumps, full 5 axis maglev turbomolecular pumps, molecular drag pumps, vacuum valves, vacuum gauges capable of pressure measurements from atmosphere to 5 x 10-10 mbar, flanges/fittings, as well as the world’s best helium and N2/H2 trace gas leak detectors. In the field of advanced process tools, Alcatel offers systems for deep etch, MEMS applications. Alcatel has sales and service offices worldwide to support Adixen™ products.

Alcatel Vacuum Products, Inc.
Adixen™ Brand Name
67 Sharp Street
Hingham, MA 02043
Tel: 781-331-4200

Varian is a world leader in providing vacuum technology, offering unique expertise in applications, support, and system design to integrate its superior vacuum pumps, components and leak detectors into optimized vacuum solutions.  Varian provides superior vacuum pumps, components and leak detectors, and unique application support to help you maximize your system productivity and uptime.

Varian, Inc.
Vacuum Technologies

Manufacturing efficiency for the semiconductor and other complex manufacturing industries.

Brooks is a leading worldwide provider of automation solutions and integrated subsystems to the global semiconductor and related industries. The company's advanced offerings in hardware and services can help customers improve manufacturing efficiencies, accelerate time-to-market and reduce cost of ownership. Brooks' products and global services are used in virtually every semiconductor fab in the world as well as in a number of diverse industries outside of semiconductor manufacturing. For more information see www.brooks.com.

Tel:  800-367-4887

Custom stainless steel fabrication tanks manufacturer of a metal storage tank, autoclaves, fittings, vacuum chambers, independent and precision machining manufacturers for sanitary products for restaurant food, beverages, pharmaceutical, chemical companies and more by Royal Welding and Fabricating.

Tel: 714-680 6669
Email: info@royalwelding.com

Established in 1965, A&N Corporation is a manufacturer of high and ultra high vacuum components and custom fabrications, such as custom valves and process chambers. A&N also distributes private labeled product lines, including flexible heater jacket systems and vacuum measurement instrumentation.  A&N products are designed to meet the standards required by both industrial and academic users, such as those involved with semiconductor manufacturing, photovoltaic research and solar devices, thin film deposition, surface analysis, laser devices, cryogenics and the aerospace industry. A&N distributes throughout the United States and exports throughout Europe and Asia.

Tel: 800-352-6431